4 Feb

I just met some deadlines. Met ’em head on. No one’s as surprised as I am that things came together as well as they did.

Much of what made up my to-do list over the past month was the usual glitter and debris; appointments and web launches, commissions and training sessions and about a hundred things I’ve already forgotten that I did.

I also finished a 160 hour contract design job which required me to commute about 3 hours a day and work in an office. I realize that even finding this noteworthy is a sign of my completely ridiculous and decadent freedom. I haven’t commuted, nor sat in a desk chair (any chair, really, I’m on the floor right now) regularly in over five years. It was a change. As was the need to wear a badge in order to return from the ladies’ room to my desk.

Simultaneous to said contract job, I finished a 48″ x 60″ painting and shipped it off to Thinkspace for the February 12th opening of “Fresh”, in which I’m flattered to be featured. This whopper of a piece is in freight transit as I type, and tracking predicts it’ll be in the gallery tomorrow afternoon. I’m really proud of this piece, proud of the brute force with which I wrestled it into my truck during a veritable sub-zero nor’easter, and also somewhat disoriented by how quickly it came (out of me) and went (out the door).

Oh elk painting, I hardly knew ye. I hope ye aren’t smearing in any way, as ye may not have been totally dry.

It’s taken a lot of momentum to pull everything together recently, and as I shake myself out (and bang myself against a river stone or two, like good old fashioned laundry) I’m really interested in how best to maintain this momentum, carry it forward into my new, next, as-yet-undefined projects. As well as a wee little twinge of frenetic, dyspeptic stress here and there, the kind of deadline-dependent projects I’ve just finished demand a kind of focus that I find really soothing, constructive and somewhat new. The past month has reminded me (and not just because I couldn’t leap from my cubicle without someone noticing) that you can truly only do one thing at a time, and that it’s best done deeply, without distraction, and until it’s done.

Right now my studio looks like this:

Ready and willing, blank and waiting. I may need to finish this bottle of wine first and I may need a little while to sketch, but I really do intend to keep up the forward roll I’ve recently set in motion– making choices without undue doubt and lollygagging, responding to ideas with action rather than double-thought, and finalizing projects decisively even without the imposed deadline of a particular opening.

Oh next paintings. I hardly know ye.



4 Responses to “Next.”

  1. Sara February 15, 2010 at 12:19 am #

    The space you are in is so much akin to my own that it is uncanny. That our studios look similar just adds to the uncanny (I too work on panels of wood)
    I’m just starting to get into the rhythm and groove of a deadline induced momentum and it is a wonderful groove indeed. Tis a hurdle to push “through the white” and find that momentum though, which is probably why I appreciated this post enough to pop out of lurking and comment. You have so perfectly captured the moment of shove.
    I adore your work – best of luck with the Thinkspace show!

  2. Lindsey August 8, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    Love your paintings Josie – The scale and the subject matter. There’s nothing finer than getting a ton of to-do out the way!


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