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Upcoming, across the pond

16 Aug

This fall I will be sending several large, new works on a voyage across the sea. A high-flying journey these giant, unwieldy pieces of wood perhaps never expected to make.

I’ll be showing work (3-5 pieces, we’ll see what gets done) in a group show at Stolenspace Gallery, called Wild Life. For this show the gallery, which I’ve admittedly not visited yet, will be moving into a larger space called Shop 14, allowing for larger installations, more works, and what promises to be an all-around mighty show. From the somewhat poetic mission statement for the show:

“…But our wild life, this wildlife is playing a slow game, a slow deathly dance between the static, lifeless concrete structures we’ve built and the unstoppable force of nature. Adapt or be adapted, adjust or be adjusted, remember me? I was here before you, I’ve always been here, you need me, I am life.”

Visit the gallery site to see the press release for the show.

I’ll post the new work here as it’s finished. Which had better happen kinda soon, yes?



16 Aug

Since I blogged last I did this:


…which makes it hard to know what to say next.

I’m back, however, working and moving into a new studio, and the words and images will, indeed, be coming here soon.