Upcoming, across the pond

16 Aug

This fall I will be sending several large, new works on a voyage across the sea. A high-flying journey these giant, unwieldy pieces of wood perhaps never expected to make.

I’ll be showing work (3-5 pieces, we’ll see what gets done) in a group show at Stolenspace Gallery, called Wild Life. For this show the gallery, which I’ve admittedly not visited yet, will be moving into a larger space called Shop 14, allowing for larger installations, more works, and what promises to be an all-around mighty show. From the somewhat poetic mission statement for the show:

“…But our wild life, this wildlife is playing a slow game, a slow deathly dance between the static, lifeless concrete structures we’ve built and the unstoppable force of nature. Adapt or be adapted, adjust or be adjusted, remember me? I was here before you, I’ve always been here, you need me, I am life.”

Visit the gallery site to see the press release for the show.

I’ll post the new work here as it’s finished. Which had better happen kinda soon, yes?


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