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Bondir, Bondirer, Bondirest

26 Sep

I’ve just finished one of my biggest outside-of-the-studio projects, for Bondir restaurant up in Cambridge. Legendary, adventurous and awfully nice chef-owner Jason Bond invited me to paint a mural on his new establishment’s side wall last year, and I got started right before it got too cold to paint. Thanks to everyone who commented on the grievously unfinished fragment of a mural all winter!

Once we got going, my role at Bondir expanded from mural painter to multiple-surface-wrangler. First, I whitewashed the brick of the otherwise dark building, and hand-painted the swashy logo upon the brick itself. I also got to paint the trim of the window frame… it needed to match the interior, which features a lot of this sage green.


Next, I was tasked with hand lettering various script pieces around the building. Inside, the doors of the ladies and men’s rooms and the kitchen all feature the appropriate conjugations of the french noun “bondir” (to leap… also a convenient play on Jason’s last name, eh?).


Outside, the brick entryway is adorned with the restaurant’s hours and website.  Sign paint on brick is a fickle thing, but we see to have obtained the necessary level of legibility, at least for people who’ve seen the word “Tuesday” before and might recognize it even with a little mortar interference.



Finally, of course, there’s the mural, which was started first and somehow finished last. Pastoral-geometric landscape with rooster and mystery shapes and underground carrot view? Sure!


To close, here’s another shot of the irresistible interior of the restaurant to entice you further to go there for some French-inspired, sustainable, modern American eats (and drinks)…



Interior photos are by Maggie Battista of Eat Boutique.