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Towards Understanding

10 Jun

It’s 1:26 in the morning, I’ve had seven pickles, and I am preparing to leave town for Barcelona. What a wonderful confluence of events.

The past month has been a whirlwind of paintings, custom bicycle work, Ondaatje on audiobook, new ginger sculptures, Shenandoah Davis on the iTunes and something involving Gin Bumblebee cocktails.

The last painting I finished is being packed up and shipped off on Monday. It’s a simple piece…  a leopard shark on white background with some latin text: Condemnant quod non intellegunt (They condemn what they do not understand).

This piece is going to be part of a great benefit show organized by PangeaSeed, a Tokyo-based organization dedicated to the protection of sharks. The show will be traveling through several galleries along the West Coast of the US this summer and fall. Here is a poster proving as much:

Please spread the word!

That is all.